Friday, 25 February 2011

Iris Schieferstein: Taxidermy Art

I am a firm lover of taxidermy. There's something incredibly hostile about it that really attracts me, as a result I have decided to rework this post slightly. It is currently the most popular blog post I have done to date! So I thought it possibly deserved a bit of love as looking back it was possibly also the one of which I used least effort. Hence the prior minimal amount of text,,,,,,

I am still in love with these. If these were wearable and available to buy, it would make me very happy.
(although a purchase is doubtful, for a reason you will see below :-| £$£ )
They are incredibly controversial. And incredibly amazing. 
I think the heal is incredible, taxidermy and a gun. A match made in heaven. 

These make me think of Iris as a bit of a Banksy of the taxidermy world.

This is an extract from an recent article by The Daily Mail 

'This bizarre range of shoes may make the owner feel like they have one foot in the grave.
Crafted from dead animals, Iris Schieferstein's outlandish designs fetch up to £3,900 and have proved a hit with extreme dressers such as Lady Gaga.
Some of the most controversial pieces include a pair of sandals sporting stuffed doves with their wings spread wide and a collection of heels fashioned from hollow horse hooves.'

Here's a new picture taken form The Daily Mails Website

'Describing her inspiration Ms Schieferstein added: 'I love horses and I love shoes so I thought this would be perfect.

'Horses have a beautiful walk and I wanted to recreate that with my footwear.'
The footwear has been displayed at numerous exhibitions around the world and have even inspired a range from Dolce & Gabanna.
Despite the high price tag the footwear can only be worn for several hours at a time before becoming too uncomfortable.
Ms Schieferstein said: 'As yet no company has been willing to produce them for the high street.'

Here is a picture of them actually being worn! exciting,,,,,,

and the rest of the photos from the original post ,,,

'The German government once tried to put the artist in jail for her taxidermy art but, as she explains, her work gives life and reanimation to the creatures she uses.'
Check it out here.....

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