Sunday, 30 September 2012


Well,,, here is the first little collection of holiday snaps!

These photos were taken during a dinner the girls and I went for in an incredibly interesting restaurant, right across the road from our apartment.

well,,,, at least we didn't get served up a few of these,,

rather grotesque looking cocktails by London mixologist James Dance.

These drinks look amazingly disgusting, yet I am rather curious to find out how they taste.

Is the packaging really all it takes to put you off a possibly delish beverage?

Friday, 28 September 2012

how sweet.

after much discussion over what to get to eat, we settled on these scrumptious burritos!
The rice was super fluffy, and slightly sweet and the chicken was YUM
The only thing that kept it slightly behind Chillango on taste, was that the all important guacamole was slightly too soggy.......

To avoid some of the mega crowds we walked along some of the back streets and managed to see the set up of some of the street carnival, the sculptures were amazing!

so from underneath,,,, i just thought it was a big, massive wooden old school transformer 
on the brink of suicide...
about to crash on top of me and kill me.

but as we walked further I realised I was kind of wrong,,,
it was a poor, small wooden old school transformer being saved from suicide.

How sweet.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I bought two dresses from this super lady, it was super to see her wearing clothes from her stall,
the fabric details shown in the picture above are from skirts from her stall.
I will be sharing a post of the dresses I bought soon! 

There was also a few stalls I saw held by 'We Make London', who provide 'a platform to promote, support & showcase exceptional designer makers in the UK.'
You can visit there website here!

The lady above was one of those exceptional designer makers! Her name is Charlotte Kessler and she was showing her fabulous prints, we had a little chat and she was so fabulous and happy! 
You can find here website here at, 
and you can find loads more in interesting work! 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Back from Spain!
London and its rain really doesn't appeal after so much sunshine,,, 

I had some posts lined up for publishing while I was there, 
but I then decided that as much as I love blogging I would keep Spain a blog free zone, 
and truely make the most of having * nothing * to do or think about!

As I am pretty certain that over the next few weeks or months even, there won't be very much time for me to waste. Back to uni, and to be honest I am pretty excited to get back to work.

This post is about the totes that I have mentioned earlier that Kate and I were creating, or have now created to be sold by Hobbs in aid of the Fashion & Textile Children's Trust.

The Fashion & Textile Children's Trust is a fantastic charity, here is a little bit about them;

'The Fashion and Textile Children’s Trust is a small charity with a long history of providing education and welfare grants to families in need of a helping hand.
The charity exists to help the children of people who work in the UK fashion and textile industry.
Since 1853, the charity has supported thousands of families across the UK with grants for the little things that really can make a big difference.
We’ve supported a young mum after the death of her husband by helping out with essential expenses. We’ve supported children with special needs with the cost of specialist tutors. We recently helped a teenager kick-start a career in catering by covering the cost of his basic kitchen equipment.
Sometimes, it’s just to help someone lead a more comfortable life – such as covering the cost of a replacement bed for a disabled child.
We are the UK fashion and textile industry’s charity – backed by the industry, supporting the children of people working in the industry.'

Here is the image that I chose to use on my tote, this is a picture taken of my niece Leilah, whom as you are probably aware as been the model for many of my prints!

The stencils I used for the totes, 

Kate and I bought the plain totes from a website called The Clever Baggers

 I hand stencilled the totes using this fabric paint that was around £5 from Cass Art 
This is the paint that I previously used so I was confident that the quality was good, I printed an image of Leilah onto a t-shirt which has been washed several times and is still looking pretty good, as the ink hasn't faded. And to print all the totes I probably used around half the pot, which is pretty good.

I printed 10 totes in total, I kept one for myself and one I gave to Leilahs Mum, and the other 8 will be available for Sale in Brent Cross Hobbs, I will update you on when they go on sale! : - )

I enjoy sponging on the ink to the tote as it allows the print to become more textural as you get a variation in shades. This means that each tote looks different and you get something special and unique, I also added some detail to the dandelion, which is detailed in the pictures below.

Saturday, 15 September 2012


these lips and eyes were quite interesting and made using small wooden sticks!

and the trees outside Tate Modern never fail to amuse me, 

Last Sunday I visited Southbank to have a visit to the festival that was happening before 
the fire parade thing and the fireworks,,,,
there were a few stages I saw but I did't pay much attention to what was happening... 
I heard a few seconds of some Irish Comedian but I carried on having a look around the stalls.
There were loads of super food stalls, selling some incredible dishes for shockingly good prices!
And, a little collection of clothing stalls,,, ill show my appreciation of these in a later post  : - ) 

Thursday, 13 September 2012


I noticed these little locks attached to the metal cord on the millennium bridge which spans the river connecting St Paul's & the Tate Modern.

I have noticed collections of these locks at several points throughout the city for example there's a load locked onto the fencing outside of Shoreditch Station.

I think its interesting to read the text on them,,,,, the first photographs was a tribute to a marriage, professionally engraved and rather expensive looking,
the second was simply drawn on using permanent marker and the second was engraved simply with 'DO IT RIGHT' 
and the remnants of a former D.A. permanent marker job.  

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Here are some photos of some stencils that I have been working on,,, I inspired by this old collage I created a few years back on my shelf and by Shepard Fairey's work I was interested to see how the bright editorial images would work as a background to my stencils.