Friday, 29 June 2012

Life is Beautiful

Today I lost a great friend,
made me realise life is too short and precious to waste
One of the most genuine guys I knew, A smile always
Won't forget the times spent together and the memories made.
Will miss you forever

Sad to find out my hardrive has all of our memories on which is at uni.

super cousin.

 So,,,,, I had a visit from my super cousin, Kim! She lives in Ireland, and I am pretty sure that street 'art' is pretty much non-existent in her part of town........? 

In the mist of getting ready for our Banksy Tunnel mission, I took her on a trip to East London's good old Brick Lane! For a touch of inspiration and motivation,,,,,,,,
which she certainly didn't lack....... many illegal impulses... ; - ) 

Fail Better


Old Shoreditch Underground




Wednesday, 27 June 2012

pretty rubbish.

So,,,,,,,, we started cutting some stencils,, you might recognise the first from some previous posts,
and maybe come across the second on the internet somewhere.

Time didn't permit getting overly creative with design ideas.    But hey....

.......... in our hearts we were creating something that would look like this.......

But in our heads,,,,,,

We kind of knew,,,,,,, that they were destined, due to our somewhat 'lack of experience' to be pretty rubbish.

; - )

Monday, 25 June 2012

interesting stuff.

Another selection of photographs from Leake street, and as for the 'plans' just wait for the pictures......

We didn't want to embarrass ourselves by even attempting to do anything free hand, so given my printing experience in cutting stencils we gathered that would be the best place to start!
Interesting stuff... ; - )

Friday, 22 June 2012

a little mission.

So if you haven't guessed yet,  I recently took a trip to Leake street or Banksy Tunnel as you may know it. 
I didn't really know what to expect, I thought it would be full of rubbish done by some people who would like to think they are graffiti artists, working in safe areas, and creating a load of shit. 
Or we would go, and after reading a few horror stories on the ever trusting internet, we would get beat up, or at least leave without all of our possessions.

But luckily, none of the above happened. Most of the graffiti was incredible, and we left feeling inspired.

So inspired, that we soon headed to the Art shop and bought some spray paint for ourselves?!?! 

and embarked on our own little mission...

Monday, 18 June 2012

Fashion East.

Just another selection of photographs taken in the Brick Lane / Shoreditch area,,,,

also..... some interesting news I started an Internship today at Fashion East with Lulu & Co,
all the girls that I have met there have been fantastic,,, and I am excited to really get going.

I spent the morning in the Oxford Street / Soho Area sourcing some buttons and then we measured and rolled some materials to get sent off for the new collection.

I also had a look at some A/W Coats and they are *amazing* 

I want one!!!! 

I shall keep you updated! 

Sunday, 17 June 2012


Must be the most artistically interesting set of meters in London, England, the World perhaps?

the new unconventional way to carry your handbag, this is Diana she calls the shots on her style.