Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Excited to specialise in print next year! Having some free time now I am entering myself into a colour award so need to start planning for that! Will blog my trendcards once completed next week!
The images above are work completed from a module I have just completed with the theme of Supernatural Nature! I really feel I found my style in drawing and print with this project. I love delicacy and intricate detail.

Today, was flicking through old photos and found the sunglasses i became obsessed with in Paris! Every time we walked past them I wanted to buy them, Shame about the price however, Here they are :

Prada 2011
I still want them a year on! Love the colour, Yet i have settled for a Topshop pair in the same colour just they aren't as nice.

Not to sure why I like this advert! But loved it every time I saw it in London advertised last year


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