Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Style | Textural Leather.

Hi all, time for a style post! This post is created for the love of my new bag and purse. Admittedly, I don't normally go for open bags without a zip or something to keep it securely closed, but this bag was made of the most beautiful textural leather ever (which I am a massive sucker for), the shape and size is perfect, the little bolts on the sides and the straps and pull are *orange* which is one of, if not my most favorite colour. I also bought a purse, I have been using the same Vivienne Westwood purse for about three years ...... I am normally quite reluctant to buy a purse because I never find the perfect one. I want a purse that closes the way  I want and is made using perfect materials, its gorgeously smelly (indeed when your buying leather the first thing you do is have a good sniff), thick leather and the lining is adorned with the instantly recogniseable Orla Kieley Print plus and the inside can hold everything I need, exactly how I want.

Suede Coat: Marks & Spencer Limited Collection (if you have seen any of my previous style posts you will be aware of love of M&S Limited Collection!)
Jumper: Primark 
Scarf: Herm├ęs
Necklace: From my Mum
T-shirt: House of Holland (Its awesome,,,, basically its heat reactive and the colour changes from deep purple, which matched my scarf and boots when I first put it on, to bright pink!)
Dress: New Look
Tights: Calzedonia (I know its a bit obsessive to include my tights. But they are incredible. The best tights I have ever worn and last bloody agessss!)
Shoes: Primark (I bought these shoes in bristol, you will know when I went and exactly what I got up to if your one of my good old followers, if not have a look at this and some of the other posts around that time. They were £3! Amazeballs.)
Bag & Purse: Orla Kieley
Ring: Market in Spain (You should know about this holiday too! But if not you can find out all the gossip here)

Such a cute dog!!!!! :-)
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