Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Berlin | Laysiefer & the Ampelmännchen

Last night I came back from one of the most amazing, relaxing and tranquil trips to Berlin.
The city is amazing, the people lack the false pretense of the British which is refreshing.

Berliners will wait until the Ampelmännchen (in East Germany at least) tell's them to cross, even if there are no cars to be seen. We were displayed with many looks of shock until we took note to curb our habit as Londoners to repulsively 'Jaywalk', yet if you do the naughty thing you will often find a trail of people who have taken your moment of bravery as an opportunity to cross too. 

These pictures we taken inside this amazing chocolate shop we came across. It is called Leysiefer and is located at number 68 Friedrichstraße in the Kreuzberg district. The shop had so many different types of chocolate, and you can sit down and have a bite to eat in the bistro. They even have an online shop http://www.leysieffer-shop.de/ so if you cannot help yourself take a visit!

I also noticed this Obey Giant sticker on a nearby lamppost.:)

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