Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Opinion | $686

I just got sent an e-mail about this from Vogue,,,,,,,,,

I find it utterly amazing.
I have to say well done to Marc Jacobs for his reaction first time around, which is detailed below, and leaves me eagerly awaiting to see if the same action is going to be taken this time around! 

I think most of you will already know what I am showing you, but those of you who don't....

"MARC JACOBS has been the target of another graffiti attack, this time covering his Paris store. French graffiti artist Kidult tagged the shop windows with "$686" in neon green paint.
The numbers reference the first run-in that the label had with Kidult in May last year, after he sprayed Jacobs' New York Soho store with the word "Art" in bright pink. Not one to miss out on an opportunity, and himself a huge art fan, Jacobs printed a photograph of the work onto a line of T-shirts and sold them for $686 (£446). Kidult's latest efforts are his personal way of fighting back against the designer - who the artist describes as a "capitalist thief".
"680? 689?...686?! How much are you going to sell this for? #kidultarmyparis #thisisnotart," Kidult tweeted about his work."

Heres the T-Shirt,

Kidult has to be the worlds biggest hater of fashion and as you can see on his website here is is very erm,,,, how do you put it... evident?
I must admit as much as I adore Marc Jacobs, my inner appreciation of street art and graffiti (which has been fully evident here on my blog) has led me to admire Kidults perseverance.

 "Kidult is the problem child who paints in a righteous, primary and no-limit way with the use of an extinguisher.
I try to remain the 14 years old kid who paints his truth in a brutal and free-minded way. I aspire to keep the creativity, the honesty and the impertinence of a kid in spite of my age to send a disturbing message in a simple, efficient and no polishing way.
Societies and cities are always evolving and as a graffiti artist, I got to adapt myself to these evolutions of my surroundings. Efficiency is one of the most important traits in a graffiti artist’s skills. It starts from a concern that I have and I send a message to everybody by intellectualizing my reasoning and finding the best spot to be the most efficient.
no matter what other people are doing or what is considered “in”, and bring something new, ugly or not."

“All these retail outlets have once used graffiti as a commercial tool to get more money and be “cool” without knowing anything about the culture.
I didn’t simply say “hello” to them. If they really like graffiti, I just gave them what they love.”


What do you think about all this........ should Marc Jacobs hit back with another t-shirt?
Possibly something more elaborate....
Or will this need to be settled on a more serious level?

I also would like to hear what you guys make of Kidults beliefs and ideologies?

And so since I wrote this post I have found this out on Twitter!

Hooray,,,, for it turns out Marc Jacobs also has rather good perseverance in dealing with Kidult.........

p.s. If you read all that,,,, you must be wondering the same thing as me.... where does this leave Eine?
(If you don't know what I'm talking about have a quick look here)

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  1. I love Marc Jacobs for how he handled the graffiti attack! Genius! x