Sunday, 28 July 2013

Internship | Anna Kompaniets

I recently started an internship at costume designer and jewellery designer Anna Kompaniets. 
You can have a look at some of her amazing jewellery and learn more about her here.
So far I have learnt the craft of crochet, and on Sunday 14th we held a crochet workshop in the Queen's House near Greenwich Cutty Sark.  
We then headed back to the Queen's House a week later on Sunday 21st for one of Anna's performances entitled Quedenraha. 

Also all this alongside work, and possibly a bit of being busy doing nothing (its needed after uni) has managed to keep me pretty far away from this blog..... apologies!

Here are some photographs from the workshop and the performance, followed by a video. Enjoy!

 Pictures taken from Here

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