Friday, 8 August 2014

Street Sketchbook

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This post is to introduce you to a selection of my favourite illustrators, artists and designers. All these images are pages from my final major project sketchbook and are my own reproductions of the artists work. I find that it is very important to keep researching, finding and being inspired by new artists as your own work develops. You will probably notice a similarity between the works of those that I will introduce you to below; I am very much a fan of the black line. Reproducing and dissecting the work of some artists I find inspiring helps me think of new ways to work with the black line myself and understand how other artists work with their images and create their own unique style and texture within their art.
The majority of the artists I am going to introduce you to are featured in a book called ‘Street Sketchbook’ my Tristan Manco. I purchased this book during my second year of studies because it featured some sketchbook pages of some artists that I like, many of which are below and others such as Banksy, Blu, Showchicken, and Andy Rementer to name a few. As I mentioned in my last post, Juxtaposing Cessation, I am a diehard lover of the sketchbook. I could spend hours upon hours simply sketching out images, doodling and creating reproductions in my sketchbooks. I think the process of the sketchbook is incredibly important as it gives you as an artist a massive insight into your creative direction, and also works as a really easy way for you to experiment, and create some interesting starting points for something potentially awesome!
Here is a little extract from the introduction of Street Sketchbook and then I shall fire away with my little list of great artists and have inspired me and I think you should know about.
“You are about to enter the secret world of the sketchbook… we are lucky enought to have been granted access to book that usually remain private, were anything and everything goes. Declarations of love, typographic experiments, travel journals, mythological creatures, u-boats and pandas are just some of the visuals gems set loose of the pages ahead.”




Guy McKinley

Hello Monsters

Fumi Nakamura

Tim Burton


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