Friday, 27 April 2012

Stare at this and stroke your chin.

The text on the right reads 'If you stare at this and stroke your chin you may appear intelligent and cultured'. 

Love the Invader! Super Duper. 

these must be by David Bray? No. I didnt bother looking at the names,

I mentioned on my last post that a friend and I had a photo taking visit to brick lane, while we where there we visited the Stolen Space gallery, I love the work that is exhibited there, and how much support they provide up and coming artists with! There is a new exhibition there now, 'Hypnagogia' By ROA, I will definitely have to have another trip back to check it out!!! For sure I will be armed with my camera : - D

Here is an extract from the website: 
'Belgium artist ROA is renowned for his unique portrayal of large scale urban wildlife, disquietly cohabiting city streets, hand painted in his distinctive black and white style. ROA has become famous from painting animals on derelict buildings, shutters & walls literally all over the world. He has also exhibited to much acclaim all over the world and was also included in the MOCA exhibition 'Art In The Streets' in LA.

'Hypnagogia' will be a 2 space exhibition, featuring installation work & originals on found objects. As well as outdoor work across east London.
To coincide with this show opening will also be the launch of ROA's first artist book 'Roa: 'An Introduction To Animal Representation' by Mammal Press.

Etymolgically derived from the Greek words hypnos, "sleep" and agogos, "leading", the title of the show refers to the transitional state between sleeping and awake. This grey area exists within every consciousness and is said to act as a bridge to other realities. ROA explores the 'interstate' with his portrayals of sleeping animals, whilst quietly around us the world awakens from a long winter, and the creatures he depicts experience a period of seasonal transition.'

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