Monday, 2 July 2012

London Pleasure Gardens.

Yesterday I took a trip down to the London Pleasure Gardens, mainly to see the Shepard Fairey Mural,,,, 
which was well worth the journey! It was massive and incredibly striking and inspiring.
I don't travel to that side of town very much so it was interesting to jump in the DLR and check it out, and I would 100% recommend that you do too! 
Also its close to the Emirates Air Line,,, which I haven't had a chance to get on just yet,,, but soon!
So kill two birds with one stone...? 

The pleasure gardens is right under the flight pass of City Airport,, which really added to the atmosphere! 

Shepard Fairey's mural, you can find more information here, 

The building itself was amazing,,,,, when the sunlight went behind the building it shone through the broken glass which was really beautiful. 
And, the textures of the walls and the way they has eroded was really interesting! 

'This mural is the highest one I have done and this location provided many challenges, some expected, some no so. First, customs held our materials for a couple days. Then, the surface of the building was very rough… which I found charming aesthetically, but difficult technically. We had to scrape old flaky paint off for an entire day before we started. Next, it was windy and rainy. One day the winds were so strong that a gust blew a billboard over onto a guy breaking his back and ribs. You don’t want to be on a lift 100 feet up trying to spray stencils in those conditions. After several stop and start days I was wondering if we’d be able to complete the mission. Finally the weather improved and we powered through several long' days. 

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  1. ooh im gonna trek that far east soon too haha, i have a lingerie giveaway on the blog at the moment if your interested! xx