Thursday, 4 April 2013

Quarter-Life Creative is now on Tumblr!

 Hi all, if your not much of a 'Facebooker', then you probably have not noticed that Quarter-Life Creative is now on Tumblr!

I aim to use +Tumblr  in a similar way to +Pinterest , and create a cyber mood-board of not only my work and photographs, but also the work of others that I like and I feel inspired by.

Collectively I hope that Pinterest and Tumblr will add other dimension to this blogging sphere!


as you can see my Tumblr hasn't yet received any loving followers.
So, if your on Tumblr check my page out!
Also please feel free to contact me using the e-mail on the right, to let me know what you think.
I have also highlighted a number of things in the first picture, which allows you to interact with my posts, Tweet my page and also Ask me a Question.

I haven't had any questions yet.... but I look forward to hopefully receiving some in the near future!

One last thing, as you may be aware Google Reader's life is coming to an end, :( and will no longer exist after 1st of June.
If you like myself use Google Reader to keep up with your favorite blogs, I would recommend making a switch to +Bloglovin '.
(Click here for a article from ifb, showing you exactly how to move all your favorite blogs from Google Reader over to Bloglovin')

You can find Quarter-Life Creative on Bloglovin' too!

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