Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Life | Live as long as you may. The first twenty years are the longest half of your life.

 Hey all! It is my 21st birthday! If you didn't know, I have been mentioning it so often I don't understand how that has been allowed to happen? And I have had an incredible day! :)

I began the day by waking up nice and early, so that I would have time to relax a bit, eat breakfast, walk around remember to include my usual habit of general procrastination which meant I was, like most days 20 minutes 30 minutes late for uni :| (to the extent of waking up at 7:30 and not being ready to leave at 9:15), preen my freshly dyed hair, have a bath (and everything else that goes with it) and most importantly pick an outfit to wear with my new +Acne Studios shoes!

Acne Studios Taurus Shoes!
Wwwhhaaahhhh, my new gift to self birthday shoes. There is a post dedicated to these babies here.
If your getting sick of seeing them too bad.

And so, after a good productive day few hours at uni myself and Kate went for a good old snoop in brick lane :)
We had a look in some of the vintage shops and here are some of our finds!
I hope you like my mirror shots, they make my spine tingle slightly are awesome I know.

All these pictures were taken in Rokit :)

We then took a trip to good old Vintage Emporium, which never lets us down and has featured on the blog here many times! 

When I got home I was also greeted by a nice cake and some awesome presents.
Many of the ones on the list I have actually had since before my birthday... when it comes to shopping my Mum is as bad a me worse than me!
Buying present a month before my actual birthday, or you could I guess, put it as buying stuff and using my birthday as an excuse.

I am also going to take this opportunity to point out how incredibly important it is to gift yourself at your birthday.
Pretty sure you deserve it. Whatever it is. Hopefully. :)

Omg. Cake. Help.
+Accessorize Srbija Accessorize
H! Henry Holland. For designer on a budget check out the entire collection on the +Debenhams website!
New Bikini needs - Calzedonia Gift Voucher
omg. I am going to Budapest. (Spa Central = Bikini required) Soooooo Exciteeeed!!!! Whaaaa,,, 
Some amazing cards. Born the same year as Selena Gomez, too bad I am not in a film with mega hottie James Franco and our bank balances aren't on par.
Some awesome books :)
The best chocolate like ever, is you haven't tried it already. You need to.
My Mum bought these for me after I fell in love with the Tanzanite watching the jewellery channel, yeah I'm that sad. I just prefer to watch nice pretty jewellery instead of crappy Eastenders.
These stack-able rings by +Astley Clarke are just amazing! They are so minimalist and sophisticated, I LOVE the white one!
+The Body Shop UK fragrances smell so good, fresh and natural and are so good for everyday use!
I have been using Body Shop foundation and powers since forever,,,, the eyeshadow is a new venture.... we shall see how they work out :)
Me + +Marc Jacobs Intl = Happy
The most awesome exfoliator, you can snap it up in +Holland & Barrett !
My new shoes which I also showed you all in a previous post, +Kurt Geiger 
Some awesomely printed +GAP MAYFAIR  shorts!
An awesomely printed +United Colors of Benetton Jacket (I have also come to realise how awesome Benetton clothes are!)
These last two pictures shall remain a mystery, this detail if from my new  Oasis dress which I think, depending if it matches with my shoes, I will wear out to my celebratory birthday dinner/drink/party on Friday :)
And this bad contains my new shoes from +Irregular Choice ! They are so quirky and incredible. When I show you all, your going to love them :)
So, hey! There we have it. I have been twenty one now for around 22 hours and its seems alright so far :) Heres to the next year to my life! :)

Time flies when your having fun, X

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