Sunday, 2 September 2012

KLIMT illustrated.

I recently visited the KLIMT illustrated exhibition at Lazarides Gallery in SoHo, 
the main purpose of my visit was to oggle at Shepard Fairey's canvas.... 
which as you would probably guess I thought was incredible!!

I was slightly gutted that I missed the live event..... especially because I was near by at The Mr Brainwash exhibition! 
But thanks to Invisible Made Visible for the heads up,,, I guess checking your e-mails help..

This is what their website has to say,,,,,,,,,
'Lazarides Gallery, in conjunction with The Vienna Tourist Board, invited 9 internationally renowned street artists to create their own versions of work inspired by Gustav Klimt to celebrate the Viennese artists 150th birthday. Klimt Illustrated is a two-part event, the first part of which, a live art session, took place in London's Grosvenor Gardens on Tuesday and saw Mode 2 create the wonderful artwork pictured below. Other artists involved in the project include Shepard Fairey, Lucy McLauchlanVhils, Know Hope, Christian Eisenberger, Bastardilla, Marlene Hausseger and Ron English.
Jonathan Jones of The Guardian was on hand to witness the live event and has written a piece about Mode 2's work, in which he describes the artist as "fascinating to watch" and "painting a direct and very convincing homage to Klimt's art of love", concluding "some artists suffer from being forgotten. Klimt arguably suffers from being so famous people take him for granted as some sort of softy. But even his most famous painting, The Kiss, deserves iconic status: it is a perfect image of souls blending in bliss. Mode 2's raw homage is just what Klimt needs and deserves".
The Klimt Illustrated exhibition, part two of the event, takes place at Lazarides Rathbone Place gallery and is free and open to the public from the 24th August to 1st September, Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 7pm.'

Shepard Faireys piece was sexy and seductive and the contradiction between the detail of the background and the simplicity of the form of the woman was incredible, I enjoyed searching through the layers of the collage and noticing small details and textures and OBEY stencils.

This peice is by Bastardilla and was covered in small diamantes

Know Hope

Mode 2 

I was told that I could take photos.... 
and couldn't resist taking a photo of Mode 2 at work, as we stood for a while watching him paint which was an incredible experience (and I agree with the website abstract above, that he is fascinating to watch), 
and his piece was amazing!
but obviously this guy didn't appreciate me taking his picture and told me I wasn't on Safari,, 
and I should have asked,,, he was right but I just didn't think he would appreciate being interrupted? 
I was slightly shocked but couldn't help but laugh, apologise and then leave pretty swiftly before we annoyed him anymore ; - )
I guess next time I'll definately ask.... lol

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