Saturday, 8 September 2012

happy burrito!

This outfit was a pretty quick, casual decision as me and Kate met at Angel for a mighty tasty, super fantastic Chilango Burrito!! Which are always fantastic, the ingredients are so magnificant! So fresh! We can't keep away and I guess are pretty regular customers : - ) 
The store has also had a facelift, so I would head down there and check it out.....

As for this outfit,,,, the top is SO comfy and I love the way that it fits, as the arms fit nicely 
(snug, but not too tight,,,, just as I like them), without the body being to tight and short and I love the neckline too!

The jeans are a firm favourite,,,,,,,,, and I know many people are shocked when I tell them about my massive love for Marks & Spencer's Limited Edition Range, which is always fantastic!
As, lets be realistic, M&S aren't viewed as a very 'fashion forward' brand....

Those Office shoes were killers when I first bought them a good while back,,,, 
but then I found the key to blister freedom in a good tub of Vaseline or some cream. 
(A good smudge on the inside of your shoe and on your feet will work wonders,,,, just watch out not to get it on the bottoms of your feet or you will be sliding everywhere!!!)

Necklace: New Look 
Ring: Not entirely sure,,,,,, Warehouse I think?
(I love the way the skeleton flops around when you walk,,,and its great on a short necklace too!)
T-shirt: River Island
Sleeveless Blazer & Dip Dye Jeans: M&S Limited Edition