Friday, 7 September 2012


These photos are from a trip to the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland,,,,

the first stop was Glendalough : - )

The scenery was beautiful,,,, and luckily the weather was happy and I was able to shoot some photos wihtout getting raine don or running for cover..... 
which is something that is pretty common in rainy Ireland!

These old graveyards are so interesting,,,,, 
I always spend ages trying to read what's written on the stone, and looking at all the different textures and colours that have been created by 100's of years of being exposed to the elements, 
I also find it interesting how these grave stones were probably once so close to a family's heart and over the years have been forgotten about and fallen into disrepair, and claimed by nature, as many stones that have fallen over are barely visible through the grass and shrubbery which has covered them.

we then passed through SallyGap, which is made up of some very long roads that are closed during winter,, as its pretty high altitude, they get covered in snow and ice. 

and where the animals often get hit by cars or lorry's or whatever may be passing : - (

I did feel slightly bad taking a picture,,, but it was visually striking and interesting, and I just couldn't help myself.... R.I.P. little Irish fox. 


  1. Beautiful scenic pics. Thanks for sharing.