Tuesday, 11 September 2012

dry water.

Lost at E Minor introduced me to a fantastic article at Environmental Graffiti, exploring some fantastic photographs taken of some of the worlds most amazing abandoned water-parks! 
I loved the images,,,, some taken a good few years back and the the story's that they tell, they make you realise the sad reality of 'nothing lasts forever'. 
I find derelict buildings and estates incredibly interesting and the idea of abandoned water-parks isn't something that had really ever occurred to me....
there's just such a fascinating hostility and haunt to the photographs!

Here is a clip of the article and some of the magnificent photos,

“On the last trip I just stood on top of the white chute ride and looked over the whole of it, breathing deep and feeling a weird kind of pride. Of course the place wasn’t mine to be proud of, but that’s the beauty of ruins. You can feel like it’s yours while you’re there, and since it’s a ruin there’s no-one to tell you otherwise.”

Read more here.

Enjoy! X

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