Sunday, 12 August 2012

A day in Thy: Vintage shopping and other silly elements!

The one thing I have really been looking forward to during my short stay in Denmark, is all the ridiculously cheap vintage- and charity shopping I will be doing. I have already visited loads of fabulous shops around Denmark, but now that Karen is here I had to show her some of my favourite spots!

On Wednesday we went to most of the local charity shops close to my house, but I saved the best for last: 'Kirkens Korshaer' in Vildsund! We ended up spending more than an hour there, and this is the result: 

Karen discovered the most hideous suit, which mostly looked like a priest's gown. Of course this had to be taken to the fitting room!

I too got lucky! Two matching pink pleather jackets: Amazing huh?

... And finally a silly rice hat!

We did actually manage quite a few nice things, but like most of my vintage purchases they require alteration. When that is taken care of, I will share the pictures here!

Anyway, this charity shop is amazing, and I highly recommend to anyone interested in vintage clothes to go come here. Prices are only a fragment of the standard London prices, and with a bit of patience you will have luck! It is like digging for buried treasures.

After we finished our vintage shopping, we went to Thisted for some Danish high street shopping, but first: lunch at Café Coks!

Mmmh... Refreshing Somersby Apple Cider and crunchy nachos!

After lunch we went exploring, which can only mean one thing if Karen is in charge of the camera: graffiti and street art!

This is my personal favourite!

Next stop: an antique book shop!

Striking a pose for the camera.

Outside the pub 'Fort Indiana': an old Tuborg poster.

Karen strutting her stuff near the harbour, as we are about to head home.

Tune in tomorrow to check out our TGIF party look, as we head to Holstebro for a crazy night out!

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