Monday, 20 August 2012

Digging for buried treasures pt. 1

When searching for wicked vintage clothes and accessories in Bricklane, the hard part is to not buy every single thing you see. As these shops are profit-based and not charity, all products are carefully selected and the owners know what is hot - which also means prices are very high! However, shopping for vintage clothes in Denmark - particularly in the countryside - is a much different story. On a bad you might not find a single thing of interest, so patience and a good eye is key. It is almost like digging for buried treasures!

As promised in an earlier post, I will share my amazing vintage purchases here. Since I bought so many things when I was on holiday, I will be spreading the pictures over a series of posts. Today's post only features a single item: a fabulous pair of glasses!

I found these glasses in my favourite vintage shop, and despite of them having lenses with a strength that certainly doesn't match my eyes, I had to have them. They were only 50p, so I figured if they are too expensive to have fixed up, I can spare the 50p.

As usual my mum and dad hated them, but yesterday my mum messaged me, that she had seen a girl wearing similar glasses and hadn't been able to stop staring at her. I am not sure whether I should take this as a compliment, insult or random comment? At any rate: I think these glasses are super cool! Some old man had brilliant taste. 

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