Sunday, 5 August 2012

Top Shop-Hipsters and Lady Gaga's "Little Monsters"

Today's topic might sound strange to some, but it has been my favourite hot topics for nearly two years now, and hopefully most of you will be able to follow my way of thinking after reading this post.

What finally pushed me over the edge, was when Karen and I were satisfying our Professor Green addiction by drooling over "Top of the World", which features the slightly annoying Tawiah with her even more annoying style. Thanks to her we finally managed to coin the term, which best describes these "false" hipsters - Topshop-Hipsters.

Real Hipsters are all about creative thinking, individuality, and freedom to explore yourself, but it seems that our generation is deprived of personality, and rather than developing your own opinions, the Hipster movement has gone from embracing individual originality to encouraging being different for the sake of being different! I am baffled. What started out as something truly great and inspiring has been degraded to a mere fashion trend.

In my opinion there are two main components to blame: high street stores like Topshop and American Apparel, and the fashion icon Lady Gaga! Don't get me wrong, I have always liked Lady Gaga's music and I was one of the first people to buy a ticket, when she came to Denmark, but I mistook her wacky styles and trends for being humoristic and creative, when all they really were is fony and insincere. Lady Gaga is not the strong, independent character she comes off as, and in many ways I consider her a bad role model.

She preaches of being true to yourself and our rights to diversity, but there has been a unfortunate development in her as a persona from being free and wacky with a sarcastic undertone, to again being different for the sake of being different, rather than yourself. It is almost like being yourself isn't good enough, unless that self is outrageous and weird. I find this particularly disappointing as Lady Gaga herself is so emotionally unbalanced and suffering from eating disorders. How is she supposed to portray a healthy image what "being yourself" is?

To me that has been a major deal-breaker, and I would really wish she would dial it down a notch. I would much rather see the youth of today choosing someone like Pink as their role model, as she is much more honest and stabile.

Well, now that is out of my system we will return to the high street. I hate how the high street discourages people from going to actual vintage stores or charity shops by selling "vintage", "vintage-inspired" or "retro" styles, which is merely their reflections on authentic vintage clothes. It is misleading and it gives buyers a false sense of uniqueness. It defeats the object!

Being a hipster has become mainstream, which is the complete opposite of what the original thoughts were. It is a hipster-ception!

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