Thursday, 9 August 2012

A day with my fabulous IB'10!

Since I am back in the land of Vikings and rye bread, I had to arrange a full day of awesome activities with my mates from the IB days. First off: a light lunch in Struer with Karina at our favourite pub "Den Glade Pingvin" (The Jolly Penguin).

While reminiscing I came across this interesting bicycle parked outside a knitting boutique, and despite of hating knitting with a passion, it looked so amazing I had to share it with you lot!

Next stop Holstebro! Here Karina and I met the rest of the gang for coffee and cake at a newly-opened cafe "Kaffeladen" to test out the goodies - which by the way were very tasty indeed!

Lovely Karina and Esben!

Cutie pie Iben!

And of course, the always shy Marlene..!

After coffee and a catch-up we decided to go buy a few cheer-up presents for our dear Ninna. Right before our big get-together she fell ill and had to go to the hospital, so we simply had to go see her!

Mmmh... Lego-shaped chocolates! How irresistible do they look? Hopefully Ninna will enjoy them - that is when she gets around to eating them. Apparently she finds them too adorable to eat already!

What can be more cheerful than funny glasses? They were very effective! Just have a look at Ninna's smiley face in the photo below.

After sneaking past hospital staff during non-visiting hours, we went to Iben's house for dinner. Here Laerke joined us for the last few hours of a lovely sunny day before heading out for drinks!

Around midnight we finally managed to wrap up our little dinner party and head for our main hanger, the River Saloon. On the drive there we all had to try Karina's new cure-all remedy "Gyldne Damer".

More funny glasses!

As we headed down town only the 'hardcore' remained, and loads of lovely Danish beer were enjoyed! 

Around 2'ish it was time for Marlene to go, but before she did we had to have a Danish classic "Smaa Kolde" - a brilliant lime shot, which can kickstart any party! (Notice all the kissy lips on the torn-off beer labels. Cheers Karina!)

Around 5'ish it was time to call it a night, so Karina and I went to pay our respects to the local pizza place before heading home for bed. To sum up: a very AWESOME, and very memorable day!

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