Wednesday, 1 August 2012

dark romance.

Hi all! I have been wanting to do a style post for ages now, and here it is! 
Today was also the last day of my internship with Fashion East at Lulu & Co : - ( 
I have had a super fantastic time there,, and certainly wouldn't have left if it wasn't for the fact that I am jetting of to Denmark to visit Kate soon! Which I am super excited about : - ) 
The entire team at Fashion East and Lulu & Co are *fantastic* and a pleasure to work with, and so if any of you are thinking of a placement, apply there! 
It will certainly be worth while, and by all means mention me ; - ) 

This outfit is very much influenced by some of the 'dark romance' looks we have been seeing on the catwalks, I looked for ages for a long lace skirt that I could wear with my Jeffery Cambell black spike platforms and came across this brilliant skirt on the New Look sale for only £8!  I have paired it with a New Look top, vintage cardigan, Primark bracelet, Gap belt and Warehouse necklace. 

here are some of my favourite runway looks,,,

marchesa fall 2012

etro fall 2012 

I am also in love with this nude lace and how it contrasts with the black lace,
also on a warmer day I will have to wear my lace skirt with no tights...

Karen x


  1. Great outfit! Those shoes are so fierce! :)
    Thanks for the visit on my blog! :)


  2. The shoes are so amazing! o the spikes get caught in the lace though? happened to me once and ruined my dress :X

    1. Thank-you, thats what I was worried about at first, but luckily the lace finishes just above the studds when your walking with your legs straighter. So i didnt have a problem, i was more worried about knocking my heals together and breaking the inside studds of, as they stuck out pretty far! : - D xx

  3. i looooove the skirt!!! a year ago i searched for the same one like crazy but never found one, and now you have it:p grrr! but have great time in Denmark! can't wait for Spain trip :)