Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The shoes from Hell!

Most of you will know about this. Fully relate. Chances are, you guys are probably in the same situation. What we are talking about ladies and gentlemen are... The shoes from Hell!

Almost every woman has a pair of shoes in her wardrobe that she never wears - and probably never will wear - because of the agony, which is guaranteed within 15 minutes of use. Ridiculous? Absolutely! So why bother? The fact is, most proper high-heeled shoes are uncomfortable after a few hours, but we are willing to put up with some pain for beauty. Because they are beautiful, the shoes. And they make us feel so sexy, feminine and confident. It is a state of mind. With the right footwear, we are ready to take on the world. We can achieve anything!

Although I hate to admit it, I have several pairs that I only wear for 'sitting occasions', and today I will share my absolute worst and agonising pair of all. I suppose I brought it on myself, as these shoes in no way live up to my normal standard of shoes. I normally have a 'leather only' rule, and the shoes are not tolerable within the 5 minute lap in the shop, I wont buy them, but these shoes were my downfall. They It my first ever - and probably last - Primark purchase. They were only £5 in a sale, and they were so cute - practically had my name on them!

These shoes are so bad, not only do your feet get sore within 15 minutes, but after 30 minutes your toes will go numb! Why keep them? After several attempts I have realized, I wont ever get to wear them for a party or a full day at uni, so I will have to settle with small trips to Tesco, coffee with friends and other small events.  I know it is silly, but they are too pretty to toss.

What can I say? A woman's right to shoes is not to be ridiculed - so no shoe-shaming! 


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qf5mJ7aR2t8&feature=plcp

    Maybe that can make 'em more comfortable :-) They are too cute to toss, for sure. Good luck!

  2. Ha ha,,, that's hilarious! I have NO idea how *anybody* can walk in Primark high heals?!?! : - /

  3. Ooh I actually saw this video before :-) I just find that this method doesn't work on fabric at all... But thanks for the tip!