Monday, 27 August 2012


Here is sneak into my new favourite magazine, LOVE! 

Its nice and weighty as you would always want, the imagery is beautiful, and the talking points are current, interesting and introduce you to a variation of new, interesting and exciting designers and artists,,,, : - )

The magazine always has a selection of different cover images for you to chose from, which makes you magazine feel that bit more personal and special.

The cover I went for featured Downton Abbeys Laura Carmichael or also known as Lady Edith.

This has to be my favourite advert in the whole magazine!

Reminds me of childhood, and my love for the book 'Where the wild things are' : - )


I also found this collection of images shown below incredibly interesting, if you cant read the text on the photo Love magazine basically burnt, ripped, paint, shred and then 'flowerbed six key pieces from the Diesel autumn/winter 2012 womenswear collection, to see what they would look like after six weeks underground'. 

They instantly reminded me of some similar pieces I saw, I think it was at the Victor & Rolf show at the Design Museum a while back, but I couldn't find any of my pictures of any on the internet...

Another thing that you can't really note about this magazine through pictures is the fact that they have also printed these photos onto more interesting matt, textural paper...
and in previous issues they have printed on metallic paper which was pretty interesting.

The images are divine! And perfect for a textile student,,,,, they give you a real good look at the materials which you cant find anywhere else! 

and some incredibly interesting images! 

What should you do now?!?!?


Go BUY!!! X 

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