Monday, 8 October 2012


Another Spanish Adventure!!!

This is photo collection number four in my 'Picture from Spain' compilation : - )

This time Kate and I's adventure took us to an incredibly interesting location. 
We came across this rather large abandoned bar and club, alongside a small outer building.

The small building had literally been destroyed to its foundations!  

I think the contrast been the destruction and the nature was so incredibly interesting, and how nature itself had begun to grow over and inside the building.

We then came to this entrance, I think both me and Kate found it pretty incredible how this area was just completely open and available for any body to walk into. The large sign which you can see, I initially thought was a tag; but it turned out to actually be the name of the bar. As we walked around and noticed a sign that offered Salsa dancing! 

I could image, as I am sure you will agree once you have looked through the pictures that this space must have once been a pretty incredible place....

Kate found a blog that had featured a post on club Cheyenne, you can veiw it here. It appears that when the blogger found the abandoned club back in January 2009, there was no way of getting into the main area of the club.... but it is now completely open and free for anybody to explore!

(Both images taken from )

There was also a basement,,, but what with the massive holes in the floor and the state of the building a venture down there really didn't seem that appealing..

This was the décor in one of the side rooms,,, which must have been interesting to look at back in the clubs hay-day.

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