Tuesday, 30 October 2012

OBEY X LONDON | Propaganda & Clothing

I had been looking at these awesome Obey t-shirts a lot online, even took a visit to the Laden Show Rooms to try on a top as soon as I knew that they were stocking the stuff.
They just had the ladies collection, and the shapes of the t-shirts and the styles didn't really do it for me. 
But then, as soon as the pop up shop opened I had to have a look.
I love the mens t-shirts! Fold up the sleeves and away you go. I'm all for cross dressing.
I didn't want pictures too perfect so I took to my high and windy balcony. 

When we went to the opening of Shepard's exhibition (which you can see in more detail in an earlier post) we didn't get to have a look around the smaller exhibition space in which Shepard and his team had installed a record shop. I was eager to see, and it really was awesome looking at the collection of Shepard's records!

When I'm walking and spot an Obey sticker, it does make me smile.
I have also been inspired and have embarked on my own little mission, which I will keep you all updated!
But it might take time or die prematurely. Time will tell! 

The pictures right at the top of the post were taken in The Vintage Emporium, who recently had a makeover and is currently dressed up for Halloween. If your around Brick Lane, check it out.  

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