Saturday, 20 October 2012

OBEY | Shepard Fairey | Sound & Vision Exhibition Opening

SO! Yesterday, the girls and I went to the Shepard Fairey's Sound & Vision exhibition opening at Stolen Space. We were around Brick Lane from about four. Umbrella ready, the rain worked in our favour as we only queued for around and hour an a half!  

The exhibition was incredible. While we were outside, we spoke to the bouncers and were anxious to know if we would get a glimpse of the man of the moment. We saw him enter the gallery and were overjoyed once we got inside and saw him behind the decks! 

The music really helped bring the exhibition to life, and stuck two fingers up at the normal 'lets have an intellectual conversation vibe' that you too often find in galleries. 

And there was plenty of free drinks going round, which certainly doesn't make people complain.

The artwork wasn't in short supply either. The whole space was packed with the most textural, intricate, amazing works I have ever seen. Eerika and I discussed how amazing Shepards works look in books and on the internet but in person there was so much depth to the images and were highly more beautiful and striking than the works we had originally fallen in love with. 

Once Shepard had warmed up the crowd after standing in the cold with some awesome tracks, Z-Trip took to the Decks with a mix of music and visual projections that really blew everyone away.
 Everyone in the exhibition was having a great time and it sure did look like Shepard was too.... after an incredible exhibition opening like that he should do.

This morning I was back at the exhibition space, and waited outside for almost two hours to get my hands on a couple of the amazing prints that they had displayed in the exhibition last night.
I most certainly couldn't afford any of the original work,,, but a few of those was just about doable. And it wasn't an opertunity I wanted to miss after admiring Shepards last Stolen Space exhibition poster while I was at the Lord Clifden last week.

So Shepard please don't leave it five years again,,,,, 
because I think this superb event has left us well and truly wanting more!

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