Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Here is the follow on from yesterdays post!

Even though out of Kate and I, I am the one mostly interested in street art and graffiti, and I guess somewhat happily forced Kate into appreciating it too. 

But, if there was any person to venture into a dark place and scary place with its fearless Kate!

These pictures were taken of the last remnants of a wall that appeared to continue for ever! 
Kate and I came up with loads of possibilities as to what this structure could have been,,, 
with ideas from a massive demolished house; which seamed unlikely due to the massive trees that has since grown within the foundations. To possibly bricks laid out on the land as plan for a possible structure.....? 
But what with all the rubbish left behind which varied from toilet seats, to sinks, to shoes, and of course the some spray paint cans we had no idea!

As we walked further along the road we came to this collection of buildings, the moods felt as you explored these derelict spaces were incredibly varied. The first little building we went into pretty small and covered in some rather ugly text..... probably Spanish, but I have no idea?!

The only element that I could grasp any meaning of was the several anarchy signs, religious motifs and crossed out swastika.

In the rear corner of the room was a large circular hole, Kate was brave enough to lean over and look down and tried to use the flash on her camera to see what was at the bottom.

I had a quick look and figured I would watch from a distance. 

As one person down a hole is much better than two.

This is the other building near by, it was much larger, several rooms and two stories. 

Again Kate and I tried to figure out what it was and why it had been left to fall into such a massive state of disrepair........

walking around these buildings were incredibly exciting, and some of the graffiti was pretty good and interesting; but the buildings were also incredibly eerie, 

Shower cubicles...

Kate investigating the functioning of the swing doors.... ; - )

And of course by this point Kate and I were itching to whip up some stencils and create a massive piece for everyone on the highway to see! And find some more buildings to explore : - )

Some really interesting mosaic tiles!

 And so, at the end of that adventure Kate and I came to the conclusion that the building was formerly a restaurant. As you may have noticed, the very resturant like swing doors, the bar in the main room, the nestle sign and the sign in the picture above.

Then we wanted to know why the restaurant has closed? 


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