Friday, 26 October 2012

The Custard Factory.

The Custard Factory, that doesn't actually make custard (which my Mum was pretty is appointed about, and she asked 'so where do they sell the custard?' :-| ). But it does make for a great space for some interesting street art, and some quirky shops.

The picture of the Shop, the shirts and the Levi jeans are an incredible vintage shop called Cow Vintage in Birmingham. I have been on the lookout for some vintage Levis for a while now,,, and as most of the Levis on brick lane have been chopped into hipster shorts it isn't really the best place to look. But Cow vintage had Vintage jeans. LOADS of vintage jeans. And reassuringly not very many shorts.

So my Mum and I had a sift through the rails,,, and I picked off a good 5 or 6 pairs of jeans.. Being as picky as I am this was a real good number, the most important bit was that they had a button up fly. Hopefully I will get around to a style post... as it has been a while and I will show you guys! (and show you the new OBEY t-shirt I bought today!) 
Also, there prices were awesome, and my jeans were only £20,,! You should definitely have a look on their webpage :-)

The pictures below were taken in and around the Custard Factory, which has been referred to as Birmingham's answer to Brick Lane & Shoreditch.... I think that's a slightly optimistic comment.... but the work was pretty awesome and really brought the area to life! There was also loads of stickers around the place which was really interesting... and I bought a wide angle lens, I bought it on Amazon for like £8 or something and I am quite surprised as its not a shit as I thought it would be! Below I could take a picture of the whole piece without even stepping off the footpath :-)

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