Thursday, 15 November 2012

A pint of mulled cider.

 Me and some mates headed down to Brighton on Monday, as we had a study trip for textiles down there on Tuesday in a place called Knit-1 and we were going to visit the Biba Exhibition.

Thanks to Eerika's awesome other half Ryan for putting us up for the night, we managed to have a good look around and spend a bit of time chilling and eating good food while we were there. 
And we also had a great night out too, in a club called Coalition down on the sea front. 

The stones wrecked havoc on our shoes after a night run down to the sea ;-)
But, the place was pretty interesting, the music was good and the drinks we super cheap.

When we arrived on the train Kadi and I escaped out of the majorly annoying rain into The Queens Head. 
It was the closest pub to the station so when Eerika and Kate arrived they didn't have to look far.
We drank mulled cider, incredibly tasty and just what the doctor ordered.

And played an incredibly tense game of tension tower....!

I've been down to Brighton a good few times during the summer but I hadn't seen much of the side of town Eerika showed us, which was pretty awesome, the shops were interesting and the street art and graffiti was a lot better than I had expected.

Cheers Eerika & Ryan!

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