Monday, 19 November 2012

Shopping | The Shoreditch Vintage Fair.

Last Saturday as I explained in my previous post Kate, Kadri and I had a Shoreditch exploration during which we visited The Vintage Fair ( ), the focus of this post. 
And also the Urban Masters Exhibition which I spoke about in my last post (If you haven't heard about this you should take a quick look at my previous post, the exhibition was incredible!). 
I had high expectations visiting this fair. Kate has been on numerous occasions and spoke of having conversations with some interesting characters. Many interesting stalls selling varied, 'proper' vintage garments and all that jazz, and also that this occasion was a Christmas special! 
So we were expecting baubles, tinsel, and everything in-between.

I have never been inside Shoreditch Town Hall and its interior was quite something, which really added to the atmosphere of the event. On first impression, I felt slightly underwhelmed, having payed £2 to get in I expected something slightly more quirky and special. The stalls were pretty close knit and reminiscent of the crammed rails of most East London Vintage stores.
I'm admittedly one of the worlds more lazy shopper and I like to put in minimal amount of rail sifting and it annoys the hell out of me when garments are squashed together. 
But I did a bit and a beautiful jumper managed to find me, thanks to the E-Vintage stall.  It is amazing. Incredibly unique, I dont think I have seen something quite like it before and I got quite a bargain too.
 I wore it out that night and received many positive comments and plan to include it in a more loving style post soon!

There was also a tea room, to sit down and have a well earned rest, cake and a cup of tea!
The cakes looked pretty awesome, and were nicely decorated, something more fitting with the Christmas theme would have been fun too. But a great display overall!
Kate was rather unsatisfied with the selection of cakes, and explained that they had been much better on previous occasions.
 I am not a big fan of cupcakes and would have loved a nice, big, thick slice of amazing, good old Victoria sponge. But instead I went for the chocolate brownie was was incredibly tasty. 
If anything, the only problem was I wanted more (the slice was rather small). 
The tea cups and saucers which you can see below so so cute,,,,

Overall a good experience, and I think its safe to say that we will probably be returning, if anything out of curiosity to see how the next event proves after its predecessor. 

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