Friday, 9 November 2012

We won't be back soon.

Kate and I visited a new french Cafe type place (I think it was between Princelet Street and Fournier Street), that Kate noticed had recently popped up on Brick Lane.
I don't have any idea of the name of the place (something French I presume), I had planned to take some more pictures of the interior and the outside, but you will find out why I didn't.

It looked really nice from the outside, and the interior was pretty interesting.
The prices were slightly higher than what we expected (and of what you would expect generally around Brick Lane. Artists & Hipsters aren't the first you think of to be splashing the cash), but we thought we would try it out anyway.
So we sat down. Ordered a cake and a drink and had a chat. 

 The plates and cups were pretty,,,  and everything was nicely presented. The decor was consistent and interesting,
but the drinks were all one size, and pretty small if you ask me.

The hot chocolate wasn't very nice. 
But at least that meant it lasted, because if it was nice I would have drank the tiny amount in one go.

We have the talent to chat a lot. And probably slightly too loud. I guess we have a slight tendancy to piss off whoever might be sitting near us. But I don't care much. 

So, we asked for the bill after realizing that the two women working there were maybe getting a bit annoyed (and had maybe over heard our topic of conversation), as we had a laugh about the possibility of ticking another thing off our bucket list and legging it out the door ;-).

Then Kate left the exact amount for what she ordered £6.20 i think it was. And I left down a tenner. The woman took the money and returned with the change, which was made up of a good few pennys and two pences. So I picked up £2 even though I was owed much more and put my coat on to leave.

THEN. The woman came marching over to us and stated that she had in-fact given us too much change back, I went straight into my purse took out the £2 and put it down on the table. She picked it up muttered something in French to her college left it back down on the table, and let her know that she had infact short changed me (we came to the decision that service charge was something we certainly didn't want to pay) I picked it back up and then we left.

We couldn't beleive what had happened. We were very offended and Kate (who is having blogging withdrawal symptoms as her blogger wont let her blog any more! She is having a website built and will be back blogging soon! I will let you all know :-) ) recommended that I made a blog post of a review about our experience.

So there you have it.

The moral of the story is, if you are in Brick Lane and you want a good hot chocolate or coffee (Kate wasn't happy with her drink either) and a cake. Just go to the Vintage Emporium. Simples.

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