Friday, 9 November 2012

A sketchy memory :-|

I love Amazon and I love Books.

I just received my copy of Tristans Manco's Book called Street Sketchbook.

I love looking in peoples sketchbooks, even if I don't want them looking in mine. 
People rarely question you when they ask "Can I see your Sketchbook?" and you reply "No, I don't have it." even if they may have seen you working in it a few minutes ago.

Your sketchbook is extremely personal. It shows a lot about a person and what its like inside their head. 
I have an extreme love hate relationship with my sketchbook. 
I could work on something for ages, then just rip it out and throw it in the trash.
Which is bad, but I am a perfectionist and I want to connect with my sketchbook and feel satisfaction and a positive connection with whats inside it.

I recently discovered some illustrations by American artist AJ Frena, and she has some sketchbook pages up on her site.

 These are awesome, you can have a look at more here,

I haven't had a chance to have a good look through my book yet but read these words by Banksy,

'The artist Paul Klee said "drawing is like taking the line for a walk", but  for me it's always been more like drowning a photocopier in the canal.
'I pretty much use sketchbooks to note down great ideas of somebody else's I've just had. A  good sketchbook means you don't actually need to bother with having a memory yourself.
You can get away with a fair bit of substance abuse if you always carry a notepad and a sharp pencil around with you.'

This is great. I have the most shit memory going. My mates at work take the piss because I can't remember my employee number after two years.

Mind you I do know my mobile number off my heart. 
Pat on the back. 


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