Sunday, 11 November 2012


As a result of the Street Sketchbook book by Tristan Manco I mentioned in my last post,
I was introduced to the work of Eroné.
I have used some of his illustrations as an inspiration point in my sketchbook, which is still at the minute a collection of things that I like and find inspiring.
Yet maintaining some form of relation to my project, it should all hopefully come together and make some sort of sense.
Eroné is a French illustrator who 'likes to draw with a free spirit' and his work is described as a 'responce to human emotions, attitudes and movements'.
I find the way he deals with the human figure incredibly interesting,,,,,
all these images have been taken from his website,
which you should also have a look at.

The form and detail are both incredible, the colours and textures are also so beautiful! 
I also like how the photos of the prints have been taken on such interesting backgrounds,,,

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