Friday, 2 November 2012

mass production.

I printed some stickers, kept some for myself, gave some out to my mates. These pictures are where a few ended up. If you see one send me a picture, if your interested in stickering contact me on Facebook and do message me, comment, tell me what you think!
Feel free to steal the picture below, and print out some yourself :-)

I have also been working on this stencil today for my niece Leilah's birthday, its painted with Montana Gold Paint using four stencils on frosted gold card.
Shes only 4 and was amazed to see her face on the CD cover I have shown you in an earlier post and the totes I printed for Hobbs!
So I thought she would like something one off, the good thing about stencils is you can use them again and again. But the bad thing is also that.

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