Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Lets go to an exhibition. Or three.

I have made a list off all the galleries that I want to visit. For most all I have is the addresses, and no idea about any of the exhibitions they are holding.
So my plan for them is to just go and see.
After uni today I popped into the Whitechapel Art Gallery, I had seen something on Facebook (if you haven't seen my Facebook page, send your like over to www.facebook.com/aestheticsousveillance )  of a stuffed squirrel that was part of a current exhibition and was curious to go and see.
I found it, so tiny, down on the floor of the rather large room number 7.
I wasn't entirely sure how I should feel about this squirrel. But it really made me laugh.
I apologise if I missed the whole intellectual point, but my giggles caught the attention of the rather bored looking security guy standing near. We had a little chat and came to the decision that the squirrel possibly committed suicide due to the vast array of dirty dishes.
I mean a squirrel that has just commited suicide. That's the most halariously stupid thing ever.
And the little gun. Magic.
Heres a picture of the squirrel from the Whitechapel Art Gallery website,
Sure, I would have taken my own pictures of everything. If you were allowed. In terms of my own selfish blogging needs and with no thought for the artist, copyright sucks.
A real good picture of this would have made me very happy.
Heres some information from the website,
Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan (b.1960) is known as the art world’s agent provocateur, using what seem to be stunts to address universal themes around the nature of dogma, power and death. This solo display includes one of his earliest works - a miniature family kitchen featuring a squirrel that has committed suicide.
The Opera Gallery is another on my list, they are holding an exhibition called Urban Masters, which sounds and looks (you check out the cataloge here) pretty awesome!
Here are the quotes and images I have copy and pasted from the catalogue,
especially for you if you are too lazy to go and look yourself :-)

“Art is about passing on references and creativeness. Most people
know that Banksy and Blek le Rat, the founding fathers of stencil
art, have inspired a generation of young contemporary urban
and street artists - making street art one of the most successful
genres of the century. But it is time we give this new generation a say,
and let them tell us their story, tell us who inspired them personally
and what made them the artists they are now.”
Jean-David Malat, Director of Opera Gallery London, on the
concept behind Urban Masters

“Urban Masters is a rare opportunity to view in one place works
by extraordinary artists from literally all over the world, from Latin
America, US, Europe and Australia. Coming from the graffiti and
street art scene, these artists pay tribute and reinterpret the Masters
that inspired them, with their own skills and techniques. Art
regenerates itself with breathtaking results.” Butterfly

“By definition anything visionary, ground-breaking or novel involves
risk. Facing and handling these risks opens the door to achieving
true creative innovation and personal fulfilment in art or in business”,
explains R. Matthew Fairfield, Founder and Chief Executive
Officer of ANV”, As underwriters who mitigate risks on a daily
basis, we see art and artists who take creative risk as perfect
examples of what is possible when risk and fear can be conquered.”

Banksy, Playmate of the Month 2000.

Brusk, Art History Lesson, 2012.
And a load more of the worlds best street artists, including Stinkfish who currently has an exhibition at The Highroller Society. Which I would imagine and as far as the pictures I have seen go, is worth a look. Check out there website, http://www.highrollersociety.com/exhibitions/espina/

Heres a picture from Hookedblog's Facebook page,


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